According to the current law regulations, all health units, including beauty , tattoo and piercing salons need to observe the Law 261/2007 approved by the Minister of Public Health, published in Romania’s Official Gazette, Part 1, no. 128 from February 21st 2007 and all further amendments, regarding the cleaning, disinfecting, sterilization of surfaces, medical instruments, equipments and accessories used.

Medical Corp Ltd. helps you with these maintenance obligations, by offering a wide range of air disinfectants, as well as disinfectants for surface used for medical, food or beauty purposes. Our products sterilize: medical instruments, walls, floors, examination seats, tables, desks, operations rooms, settings that can be disinfected through wiping or spraying, sponges, bed spreads, dishes, laboratory tools, toilets, wells, pools and reusable accessories.

Considering the wide range of microbes that you are trying to remove: bacteria, fungicidal, viruses, mycobacterium, and tuberculosis, we help you choose the best-fit disinfectant. Whatever medical institution you represent: hospitals, private practices, dental practices, medical clinics, polyclinics, gyms, lockers, food production, and food selling spaces if you carry out health-related activities, we can be your partners.