Medical equipment

Medical Equipment Distribution

Our equipment incorporates the latest technology on the market, successfully used for diagnosis and treatment all over the world. We bring to Romania, medical equipment produced by market leaders in Europe, the United States and Asia.

We ensure maintenance, service and supplies for all of the medical equipment sold.

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Types of medical equipment

Medical equipment

  • Stationary and portable ultrasound, black / white and color Doppler, 4D elastography. (We provide also consumables such as printer paper or gel)
  • ECG with 3 to 12 channels, independent or connected to the computer;
  • ECG Holter Monitor (3 to 12 channels)
  • Complete equipment for emergency services (ambulance, UPU, SMURD)
  • Aerosol devices
  • Audio Impedance Meters
  • Autoclave with volume from 15 to 1000 liters and complete sterilization stations (washing machines, instruments, apparatus sealed bags, distillers, tables wrapped)
  • Automated external defibrillators for public places, ambulances or UPU
  • Electrocauteries , mono and bipolar 50-400 W
  • Injectomats with 1-3 channels and infusion pumps
  • Portable Spirometers  with or without printer
  • Scales and professional meters
  • Surgical Vacuums for ambulances

Small Size Medical Investigation Devices

We are importing small size devices for medical investigation produced by our partner HEINE.

  • Acoustic Stethoscopes
  • Anoscopes
  • Anoscope / Proctoscope Illumination Head
  • Aneroid sphygmomanometers and electronic
  • Cardio Stethoscope
  • Dermatoscopes
  • Laryngoscopes
  • LED Examination Lights
  • LED Head Lights
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Otoscopes
  • Stethoscopes
  • Sphygmomanometers

Meters and Small Size Laboratory Equipment

  • Glucometers
  • Devices to measure triglycerides, cholesterol, hemoglobin, rapid tests
  • Test Strips

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